Sœurs/Sorelle de Pascal Rambert : l’inachevable de la traduction théâtrale


  • Chiara Elefante Università di Bologna




theatre, dramatic text, theatre translation, oral and rhythmic traits, theatre translation in constant progress


This study examines the Italian translation of Pascal Rambert's play Soeurs written in 2017 and first performed in France in 2018. After an analysis of the distinctive features of the theatrical translation text, which today tends to be increasingly considered for the importance of its oral, rhythmic, and prosodic characteristics, the contribution analyzes the Italian translation(s) of the play, initially published for the written page. The study then considers the work done for the Italian stage production of Rambert's text, with two new Italian performers. The author's recreational interventions in preparation for the Italian performance, adaptation strategies and changes that occurred in the transition from written translation to that for the stage are then analyzed, with particular attention to new translation solutions that emerged during the reading in the presence of the author, actresses and translator. The study concludes with a reflection on the unfinished nature of any theatrical translation, which remains by its nature always in the making and open to future performances.



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Elefante, C. (2022). Sœurs/Sorelle de Pascal Rambert : l’inachevable de la traduction théâtrale. MediAzioni, 35(1), A133-A146. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.1974-4382/16896